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Senior SEO Interview Question Answer June 2017

1) Can you tell me your own definition for SEO?
Yes sure, SEO is the collection of strategies that we are following to get visitors to our website from search engines via organic search results. (But almost similar)

2) What’s your idea about page rank and how it’s calculated?
Let me first tell about the calculation behind that. Google says that page rank calculation formula is having more than 2 lakh variables. I am sure that following things are the main factor,
1) Internal Back Links
2) External Back Links
3) Domain Age
Apart from this, number of visits, bounce rate, CTR etc may be a factor in calculating the page rank. Page rank is just a metric from Google which defines the quality of the page. Moreover we do have many other targets like keyword position, quality traffic and conversions. In my vision, I am having very least importance to page rank. But I am crazy about getting full green PR tool bar for my blog.

3) I want to change the domain name of well ranked website in SERP. Is it possible to retain the same keyword positions?
Yes, definitely we can. Just 301 redirecting the corresponding old URLs to the new URLs. In initial after we did this, we may experience a drop in rankings. Once our new URLs got indexed, we can expect a same position that we had earlier.

4) Can you name the SEO blogs that you regularly read?
1) Search Engine journal
2) Search Engine Land
4) SEOSmarty
5) Jimboykins

5) What SEO tools do you regularly use?
1) Google Adwords Tool to find keywords suggestions and search count
2) IP Blacklist tool
3) Server Header checker

6) How can you rate you out of 10 in the following areas On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Photoshop, and Coding (PHP)
On-Page Optimization – 09
Off-Page Optimization – 08
 - 06
 (PHP) - 03

7) How can you optimize a website having 2 lakh pages?
Following are the special additional SEO stuffs that we have to implement for dynamic website.
1) Generation of dynamic title & description
2) Dynamic XML Sitemap generation
3) Good Internal link structure (Normal)

8 ) Have you attended any search related conferences?
Yes, I have attended one conference named “search Camp 2008″ held at Chennai (India). I had a wonderful time there by sharing the SEO ideas with many webmasters.

9) What’s special in XML Sitemap and where do you submit that?
That is a file which list all the pages of website in XML format designed for SE’s. Here we can give the crawlable frequency and also we can define the priority of all the web pages (1.0, 08. 065 etc). This can be submitted in Google Webmaster tools.

10) What areas do you think are currently the most important in organically ranking a site for a particular keyword?
1) Keyword in anchor text of external & internal back links
2) Internal link structure
3) Keyword density in content, title, description, alt tags, h1 tag etc
These are the questions that I enjoyed. Also there is some other which I think as usual questions. 8)
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